How to Moisturize a Dog’s Skin?

Just like humans, dogs also have skin problems. The majority of dogs have their skin covered with fur, and it becomes difficult to tell if they are confronting any skin problem. Some dog owners forget that dogs have skin at all, particularly if they own a furry breed.

If not correctly cared for dryness and other damages, your four-legged friend might start shedding fur. The skin below the fur affects the quality of the hair as well. We recommend a quick visit to a vet.

Dogs often need moisturization during the cold season. The absence of humidity and dry conditions can cause significant problems for your pups. Sometimes, lotion alone doesn’t work for their skin.

To maintain your companion’s health and moisturize the skin, keep the following five points in mind.

5 Points to consider for moisturize a dog skin

1. Bathing

We can bathe daily, but dogs have different skin requirements. Excessive bathing can peel off your pooch’s delicate skin. Their skin contains essential oils and specific pH levels, therefore, over-bathing can worsen the situation. For normal skinned canines, bathing once every month is enough to keep the skin moist.

Dryness can be removed by well-balanced washing, but make sure you use a vet-recommended shampoo. Even harsh shampooing can strip their skin, creating more problems for both.

Simultaneously, not caring above your friend’s thing for more extended periods can result in dead skin and hair shedding. Under-bathing can also cause excess oil from the skin and fur full of dandruff. Nobody wants a dry, greasy dog!

If you can’t control the conditions, consult with a doctor, and follow a suggested bathing schedule. Also, try changing the shampoo as the previous one might not suit your dog’s skin type.

2. Topical Sprays

Make sure you ask a dog health professional before using any topical product on your beloved’s skin. The market is full of topical sprays for pooches. They claim to moisturize the dry skin and remove itchiness other irritations from the skin. Such sprays work if the dog’s skin has just started drying.

Try to apply products having natural solutions for dryness such as colloidal oatmeal and tea tree oil. Some after-bath conditioners are also available to moisturize the dry skin. If you can apply medicated conditioners that contain topical anesthetics, antihistamines, and steroids, it will bring instant relief to the dry skin of your pup.

3. Humidifier

Most dogs have temperature-sensitive skins that usually get dry in winter. Dry conditions have a significant effect on your four-legged friend’s skin. Human beings rely on air conditioners and heating appliances, but the same devices remove moisture from the air, causing animal skin problems.

Here, humidifiers come into play. Bring a good quality humidifier from the nearby market and add it to your house. You will be amazed to see the healing powers in a few days. Humidifiers add dampness in the atmosphere and help in moisturizing your pet’s skin.

4. Freshwater

Dehydrated skin is a bad skin condition for any dog. Hot conditions and winds blow the moisture away from the upper skin, resulting in dryness. Ensure that your pup drinks enough water to maintain the water level. You may add nutrient supplements to the water bowl, but the only freshwater will also work. Water internally moisturizes the skin. Hydration needs special attention during the hot weather.

5. Olive Oil on Damaged Portions

One of the best ways to moisture the damaged skin is to apply olive oil. It works best for owners who avoid using scientific medications and prefer natural healing techniques. Olive oil has excellent soothing properties. It does not harm the skin and prevents cracks and splits. Apply them on the dry or cracked parts.

If your pooch has dryness all over the body, consider a trip to the vet as soon as possible. Olive oil is only valid for skin patches instead of the entire body.

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Final Words

There are so many natural and artificial products to moisturize a dog’s skin. It is advisable to use the prior option. But if you fail to moisturize the damaged skin of your pal, make an appointment with a vet and follow the treatment to prevent the dry skin.

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