Best Dog Toys for Chewers

Every time I get a new pair of shoes, my dog starts chewing them until they shred them apart! Why does my pooch chew on everything it sees on its way? Is it avoidable? I am afraid… Please help me out!

The answer is simply, yes! You can get rid of destructive chewing buying the best dog toy for chewers.

Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs that can create a lot of problems for the pet owners. They tear up your essentials to the extent that you skip the fact that chewing is also necessary for healthy gums and teeth.

Moreover, chewing is also essential for physical and mental stimulation as they release stress while playing and chomping their favorite toys.

How to Avoid Heavy Chewing?

Instead of finding ways to restrain heavy chewing or hiding your stuff from the canine jaws, it is better to buy dog toys. Your beloved friend loves chewing, and offering a few good chewing toys will help them a lot.

I know you are questioning the longevity of the dog toys—no need to empty your wallet at the end of each month. We have researched and created a list of five best dog toys for chewers.

Five Best Dog Toys for Chewers

Check out our list of five fantastic dog toys that are durable, excellent, and, most importantly, keep your pup entertaining!

#1- HuggleHounds Plush Knotties

HuggleHounds Plush KnottiesIt is one of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers offered by HuggleHounds. Made from corduroy, these are animal-shaped toys that are appealing for all dogs. The limbs of the toys are tough, knotted, and can be strengthened using extra linings and layers.

Dogs love playing with rope toys, especially the ones that come with cross knotted patterns. Undoubtedly, plush animal toys from HuggleHounds are a unique attempt to help both owners and pets.

The best thing about this chew toy is that your canine can destroy them happily, but they are durable enough to endure heavy chewing. HuggleHounds Plush Knotties keep most dogs focussed, however, destructive and constant chewing can tear them apart, especially if you own a serious chewer.

  • Various squeaker devices
  • Long-lasting
  • Multiple varieties are easy accessible
  • For all dogs (small, medium and giant)
  • The material (corduroy) is susceptible to a dog’s health
  • A few customers complain that it does not withstand heavy chewing.

#2- Indestructible Dog Ball

Indestructible Dog BallNow, this is something your dog will never leave! Made from 100% non-toxic natural rubber, the Indestructible dog ball is the right pick for energetic breeds like German Shepherds, Mastiffs, and Pit Bulls.

Even the strongest of the jaws can’t break it into pieces. That’s why it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is a heavy-duty, solid chewing ball and is safe for your friends.

Caution: Don’t let your dog swallow a big portion of rubber. But the chances of breakage are scarce as the material is highly durable.

The 7 cm diameter makes it perfect for dogs of all sizes. If your friend enjoys playing with a ball and fetching it, Indestructible Dog Ball is an ideal gift!

  • Can resist vigorous chewing
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Good bounce when smacked against the floor
  • Suitable for fetching games
  • The material used is sturdy and entirely natural
  • The inner side is spongy as compared to the outer side.
  • Can’t play games like tug-of-war
  • Small breeds find it hard to grab.

#3- Jalousie Rope Toys

Jalousie Rope ToysIf you are looking for a cluster of good-quality, rope toys, then Jalousie Rope Toys is then one for your dog. The pack of 14 includes a variety of chewing options to satisfy your canine’s jaws.

You will get a Frisbee type rope, interactive rope toys, rubber bone, tennis ball, dangling knots, and chew bars. The toys are made up of thick ropes with stiff joints that are best suited for teeth cleaning.

Different materials are used in making this package. From hard plastic to soft cotton ropes, every aspect adds value to this toy. Make you your pooch plays or chews under supervision, as these are not meant for heavy chewers. The loops can be a risk factor for the dog. If you buy Jalousie Rope Toys for your pup, never leave them alone while playing.

  • Great value
  • Multiple options so your dog never gets bored
  • Cotton is non-toxic
  • Unable to bear destructive chewing
  • Safety problems for dogs

#4- Nylabone Dura-Chew

Nylabone Dura-Chew‘More tasty flavor’ is what it’s written on the pack of this product. Nylabone Dura-Chew is not a choice of most dog owners, bot due to its quality but for its novelty. Satisfy your dog’s urge to chew by offering them a ring-shaped toy. The knobby nylon texture captivated all dogs, but smaller dogs might get their heads stuck.

The material is long-lasting and can bear heavy chewing. Nylon is the crucial factor that makes it more durable as compared to other dog toys for chewers. Even the most destructive jaws will find it hard to destroy. So, you dont have to invest again and again. The flavor additionally grabs the attention of dogs and prevents chewing of your shoes and mats.

One drawback of this toy is that it is tough to chew for dogs with weaker teeth. Make sure your friend has no dental issues before introducing a Nylabone Dura-Chew.

  • Highly Durable
  • Affordable
  • Flavor adds value
  • Comforting texture
  • Not fit for weaker teeth/jaws
  • Small canines can get their head stuck in the middle

#5- Pacific Pups Rope Toys

Pacific Pups Rope ToysA suitable pack of rope toys is specially meant for tug-of-war games. Due to fewer loops, we can say that Pacific Pups Rope Toys are safe for all dogs.

Although all the toys are basic rope toys, we reviewed above. But the plastic-free material distinguishes it from the rest of the toys. An amazing frisbee will make your dog’s day!

  • Best for playing games like tug-of-war
  • Great value
  • Minimum number of loops
  • Safe
  • Good variety
  • Too many options at once are not the right choice for some dogs.

Important Features to Consider in A Chew Toy

The best dog toys for chewers must have some attributes. Consider the following things while buying a chewing toy:

🐾 Size

Size has to be following the size of your dog. Small toys are not safe for big breeds, while large toys may not fit little pups’ jaws.

🐾 Material

Dog toys can be made up of anything, including nylon, rubber, plastic, wood, cotton, and other fabrics. Choose the material that is suitable for your canine’s jaws.

🐾 Durability

At first, speculate the chewing power of your four-legged friend and then buy a toy. Tough toys usually fit the needs of chewers, but dogs with dental issues may require flexible options.

Final Thoughts

Buying a toy not only soothes the tension in your canine’s teeth but also relaxes them mentally. They keep busy playing, chewing, and destroying toys instead of tearing your pillows and other essentials. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your choice from the above products, and let your pet live a great life!

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